Why you should use professionals to do Petrol Pump Refurbishments

PC Pump and Tank is an integrated and established organisation that specialises in a multitude of services. This includes Vacusonic Testing, Petrol Pump Refurbishment, Diesel Pump Refurbishment, Petrol Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Pressure Testing, Petrol Tank Pressure Testing and Civil Work on Service Stations.

The process of refurbishing petrol pumps requires a definitive process using advanced techniques and equipment to ensure durability and safety. Petrol Pump Refurbishments utilises the reuse of old pumps from other oil companies as well as private institutions. PC and Pump then refurbishes the old pumps which is then resold in the market as recon pumps.

In order for the fuel pumps to work as efficiently as possible, calculations of the fuel pump should be analysed through identifying if the fuel tank is running low. When the reduced fuel weight no longer pushes fuel into the pump, it will cause the entire mechanism to fail.

Petrol Pump Refurbishments should be conducted by professionals in order to maintain safety throughout the process. At PC and Pump, we understand the intricacies of the components such as the Submersible Tank Pump and the piping dispensers connected to it. Contact PC Pump and Tank for more information.

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