Why you should use PC Pump and Tank

PC Pump and Tank is a forerunner in the industry that utilises trends and advanced techniques to streamline operations by meeting the requirements of individual business operations and budget constraints.

Our core vision is to become the driving force behind the petroleum industry throughout South Africa. We implement programmes that are designed to promote environmental sustainability. PC Pump and Tank seeks to deliver exceptional service through our extensive experience in the petroleum industry.

The service offering available from PC Pump and Tank includes Civil Works to cut, break, cast and replace concrete as per the required standards. In addition to this, we also offer installation for petrol pumps and tanks, pipe work as well as petrol systems. We offer maintenance, repairs, changes and treatments.

The specialization in ground installations for storing and dispensing petrol, diesel and gas oil fuels contributes to operational efficiency in various industries and contexts. Vacusonic Testing occurs when testing a U/G fuel tank with a fuel in the tank.

Petrol pump and diesel pump refurbishment includes the reuse of old pumps from private institutions with the intention to resell in the market as a recon pump. In addition to this, we offer diesel and petrol tank filtering as well as pressure testing.
Our service offering also extends to civil work on service stations to redo all tar work on filling stations, concrete, paving and ground works.
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