Why a pressure test on your fuel tank is essential

Imagine a scenario where one of your underground diesel tanks leaks fuel, explodes and takes a large part of your underground infrastructure with it; or a scenario where the tubing for one of your above-ground tanks ruptures and causes a loss of thousands in fuel wastage.

No one who cares about human safety or profit would want that to happen, which is why pressure testing your petrol and diesel tanks is of utmost importance. Not only does it prevent the worst from happening, but it also allows you to make adjustments that could greatly increase the productivity of your system.

In a nutshell, checking a petrol or diesel tank’s pressure accomplishes the following:

  1. It examines the strength and integrity of your system, namely the tubes, pipes and the pressure vessels.

  2. Helps you detect any leaks in your system.

  3. Allows you to detect problem areas in your system that can decrease.

Knowing that there’s large potential for a rupture or a catastrophic failure can mean the difference between life and death for people working directly with your fuel system. Faulty pipes, tubes, pressure valves and pumps can be identified and flagged for replacing.

If left unchecked, your system can potentially decrease your bank balance because of the costs incurred replacing the system itself, replacing any damaged hardware or property, as well as paying your lawyers overtime for the lawsuits that are sure to follow.

The importance of performing pressure tests every time your tank is filled, or as often as your company regulations dictate, cannot be understated. Whether you hire professionals like us to pressure test your system and replace faulty parts, or decide to do it in-house, the work still needs to be done no matter the cost.

At this point, you’ll need to start thinking about where your new pumps, filters and even a pressure vessel is going to come from. You’ll need reliable hardware that provides convenience and easy pressure testing. That’s where we come in.

Besides the selection of refurbished fuel tank system hardware that we have in stock, we also offer diesel tank and petrol tank testing that will ensure your system maintains its integrity and helps you root out any problems that may arise in future.

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