The safety regulations in place when working on Diesel & Petrol pumps

When operating hazardous substances and equipment such as diesel and petrol pumps , it is very important that you proceed with caution. There are certain safety regulations that you should reference in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Control measures include :

  • Make sure all the appropriate training is completed as this requires highly skilled operators
  • Ensure that storage tanks and dispense tanks are well maintained and supervised
  • Utilize warning and hazard signs
  • Safeguard against chemical spills that can be potentially toxic by providing mechanical protection to all apparatus in order to fortify against potentially dangerous accidents.
  • Ensure that whoever is handling the equipment wears the appropriate protective gear
  • Educate yourself and others who come into contact with the diesel and petrol pumps on the substances and the correct procedure required when operating them, as well as contingency plans if there are cases of fuel spills
  • Store all hazardous chemicals in their original containers
  • Industrial salt mixed with fine gravel is an effective measure to implement by spreading it around the surrounding area of the diesel and petrol pumps during cold conditions and additionally it will absorb and clean up any fuel spill .
  • Keep all fire escapes and exit routes open and free of obstruction as well as in clear view in case of emergencies .
  • Control all sources of ignition
  • Make sure you conduct the usage of the Diesel & Pumps in accordance to the Dangerous Substances Regulations of 1979 , S.I. 311 of 1979 and other legislation applicable to the industry  .


The possession of diesel and petrol pumps come with responsibility as they pose many risks and should be handled with caution . The likelihood of endangerment is high and includes potential circumstances that involve fire/explosion , environmental damages and health effects when handled by individuals . The abuse of equipment will result in accidents that could lead to exposure to toxic chemicals that cause respiratory problems , dermatitis or chemical burns . It is advisable to strictly adhere to the above guidelines and perform further research into the safety regulations when operating diesel and petrol pumps . 

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