Safety Regulations during civil work on a service station

PC Pump and Tank incorporates the highest caliber of service offerings in various industries and environments. We offer services and installations pertaining to ground installations for storing and dispensing petrol, diesel and gas oil fuels.

Our services includes, but are not limited to Vacusonic Testing, Petrol Pump Refurbishment, Diesel Pump Refurbishment, Petrol Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Pressure Testing, Petrol Tank Pressure Testing as well as Civil Work on Service Stations.

Hazardous controls and regulations should be incorporated throughout the operations of the civil work. Operators regularly inhale the fumes of chemicals such as consistent exposure of vapour concentrations that can cause respiratory irritation and loss of coordination, which can be the resulting factors of respiratory failure.

The different categories should include the fuel storage and control measures in place where storage tanks and dispense pumps are adequately monitored and maintained. Hazardous signs and control areas should be properly marked throughout.

Service stations have a significant amount of regulatory requirements which also includes escape routes and clear fire exits that make entry and exits easy.

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