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Maintenance Services

We also offer services such as pump change-overs and replacements of submersible pumps. Fuel pumps fail for many reasons, and it is advisable to determine the reason before replacing the fuel pump. If the cause of the failure is contamination or debris in the fuel system, then this should be removed before the new fuel pump is installed. We will test the old fuel pump to ensure that the fault lies with the fuel pump, and not with any other component within the system.

Our submersible fuel pumping system set the standard for performance, efficiency and safety by which all other systems are measured. We have a track record of excellence and we maintain a unique set of system features that sets us apart as the industry fuel pump leader. 

Other Services

  • Pump change – overs
  • Repairs to submersible pumps (STP)
  • Replacements of submersible pumps (STP)
  • Replacement of faulty leak detectors
  • Pressurizing of delivery lines / suction lines
  • Replacement of any faulty fittings
  • Vacusonic testing of UST’s ( underground storage tanks)
  • Pumping out of water / fuel
  • Replacement of underground pipe work i.e. applicable to all types of piping meeting all the Petroleum industry standards
  • Treatment of contaminated Diesel fuel
  • Filtration of UST’s ( underground storage tanks)
  • Installation of Id Colors / Dip caps and filler caps – General Maintenance
  • Repairs to Diesel pump sets (A/G tanks)
  • Installation of separators
  • Installations of sump pumps



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