How to maintain your Diesel Pump so it will last longer

There are certain measures and actions that you can put in place to in order to make sure that your diesel pump sustains durability and resilience.



Inline diesel pumps require a minimum oil top up at least every 15 days . This is because inline pumps come with bearings , drive shafts and mechanical governors that necessitate lubrication unlike distributor pumps where lubrication is not mandatory.


Fuel Filtration


In order for your diesel pump to function efficiently and thoroughly , you must ensure that your fuel is filtered properly so that all foreign matter , that is undetectable, is sifted out . This is because the parts that form the structure of the inner workings of the diesel fuel pump are designed to be very small and fuel that has been processed will ward against premature degeneration of these small parts.


Fuel Protection from Water


Be vigilant concerning the risk of water getting mixed with the fuel as complications can arise.  This happens because water dissolves with the fuel to form a solution however this only transpires at high temperatures, in the occurrence of low temperatures water escapes from this solution and finds its way to the bottom of the fuel tank . This is known as free water which results in the suspension of water in the fuel as water and oil are not miscible and this creates the emulsified mixture .


Synthetic Fuel Avoidance


Kerosene and other mixed and diluted fuel will start to erode the engine valves and shred other parts of your pump and it can cause deterioration of your diesel pump within 3 months , use diesel fuel instead.




It is important to maintain your diesel pump and keep it in good condition so that it will require fewer repairs and services.

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