Does Urban gas have gas for indoor and outdoor cooking?

PC Fuel and Plant Solution is at the forefront of creating a driving force of innovative products and services across different industries. We strive to ensure that our operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Urban gas can be integrated into operations for adjusting into matters such as installation, maintenance and safety of gas supply facilities. Sustainable cooking solutions are required to use cooking fuel that has a minimum impact on pollution and hazardous implications on the environment and humans.

The main gas used for cooking is liquefied petroleum gas which is a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases. This creates the least greenhouse gas emission of all fuels. This can especially be utilized for outdoor cooking as well as indoor cooking.

There is a combination of balanced Sulphur, nitrogen and other particulate matters that have less harmful effects when cooking. PC Fuel and Plant Solutions ensure that the highest standard of installations and maintenance of dispensing petrol, diesel and gas oil fuels are offered.

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