Does Urban gas have gas for indoor and outdoor cooking?

PC Fuel and Plant Solution is at the forefront of creating a driving force of innovative products and services across different industries. We strive to ensure that our operations are as environmentally sustainable as possible.


What is a Compaction Test (DCP Testing)?

Dynamic Cone Penetration (DCP) testing is a type of on-site soil compaction test that aims to determine the strength of in-situ soil, as well as the thickness and location of subsurface soil layer. It is an effective method used in industries whose work requires details about the integrity of the soil they work with, such as construction and engineering.


Why a pressure test on your fuel tank is essential

Imagine a scenario where one of your underground diesel tanks leaks fuel, explodes and takes a large part of your underground infrastructure with it; or a scenario where the tubing for one of your above-ground tanks ruptures and causes a loss of thousands in fuel wastage.

No one who cares about human safety or profit would want that to happen, which is why pressure testing your petrol and diesel tanks is of utmost importance. Not only does it prevent the worst from happening, but it also allows you to make adjustments that could greatly increase the productivity of your system.

In a nutshell, checking a petrol or diesel tank’s pressure accomplishes the following:


The difference between the filtering process of a petrol tank and a diesel tank

PC Pump and Tank is passionate about being the driving force behind the petroleum industry throughout South Africa. We have constantly ensured the highest level of professionalism and efficiency through our operations and by implementing environmentally sustainable solutions throughout.

The filtering process can be categorised into various considerations such as the flow rate and fuel tank filter in order for the system to be compatible through the refuelling process.


Safety Regulations during civil work on a service station

PC Pump and Tank incorporates the highest caliber of service offerings in various industries and environments. We offer services and installations pertaining to ground installations for storing and dispensing petrol, diesel and gas oil fuels.

Our services includes, but are not limited to Vacusonic Testing, Petrol Pump Refurbishment, Diesel Pump Refurbishment, Petrol Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Pressure Testing, Petrol Tank Pressure Testing as well as Civil Work on Service Stations.


Why you should use professionals to do Petrol Pump Refurbishments

PC Pump and Tank is an integrated and established organisation that specialises in a multitude of services. This includes Vacusonic Testing, Petrol Pump Refurbishment, Diesel Pump Refurbishment, Petrol Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Filtering, Diesel Tank Pressure Testing, Petrol Tank Pressure Testing and Civil Work on Service Stations.

The process of refurbishing petrol pumps requires a definitive process using advanced techniques and equipment to ensure durability and safety. Petrol Pump Refurbishments utilises the reuse of old pumps from other oil companies as well as private institutions. PC and Pump then refurbishes the old pumps which is then resold in the market as recon pumps.


5 Reasons you should do Petrol Storage Tank Filtering

PC Pump and Tank is an industry specialist in a multitude of petroleum related operations and service offerings.

Petrol Storage Tank Filtering is the process in which the petrol is cleaned with an existing fuel in U/G by pumping the fuel through a filter system on site. The fuel would have rust, water and dirt removed in order to optimise efficiency throughout the system.


Why you should use PC Pump and Tank

PC Pump and Tank is a forerunner in the industry that utilises trends and advanced techniques to streamline operations by meeting the requirements of individual business operations and budget constraints.


The safety regulations in place when working on Diesel & Petrol pumps

When operating hazardous substances and equipment such as diesel and petrol pumps , it is very important that you proceed with caution. There are certain safety regulations that you should reference in order to avoid potentially dangerous situations.


How to maintain your Diesel Pump so it will last longer

There are certain measures and actions that you can put in place to in order to make sure that your diesel pump sustains durability and resilience.


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