5 Reasons you should do Petrol Storage Tank Filtering

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Petrol Storage Tank Filtering is the process in which the petrol is cleaned with an existing fuel in U/G by pumping the fuel through a filter system on site. The fuel would have rust, water and dirt removed in order to optimise efficiency throughout the system.

Here are 5 definitive reasons you should consider Petrol Tank Filtering:

  1. Maintains the components of your vehicle for longer
    The fuel filter is constantly exposed to a multitude of factors such as wear and tear, rust accumulation and corrosion. The fuel filter is made up of durable materials such as cellulose or synthetic based filter that traps these contaminants, thus ensuring your fuel filter functions for longer.
  2. Cost-efficient and low maintenance
    The cost of petrol and diesel has significantly increased. By investing in petrol tank filtering, the fuel will last longer as the utilisation of fuel is extended through the decontamination of the filtering system.
  3. Engine performance
    The operating pressure of the vehicle is enhanced as fuel injections are maintained. This ultimately ensures that the vehicle can drive at faster speeds and travel through difficult terrain.
  4. Reducing the risk of damage
     By maintaining the engine through petrol tank filtering, the material is set to last longer and subsequently reduces the risk of replacing the entire engine.
  5. Removes water as a fuel contaminant
    Water reduces the fuel’s lubricating properties and causes an injector seizure and engine damage to the entire system


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